Featured Articles Abstract

This is a list of my featured articles. Some are abstracted below. If you want a translated version, please don’t hesitate to contact me.
For your reference, I was 20 years old (sophomore) at 2014, 16 at 2010.

Statistics Related

    • This report is aimed to answer the following two questions. 1. Does the use of swear words have any regiospecificity that result in heterogeneous in the data? 2. Does the use of swear words in customers’ review have an impact on the ratings they gave? Can it predict the stars they gave toward a business? Mainly, analysis using ANOVA on metropolis, multiple regression on ratings are performed. Results indicate that the usage of swear words is different by region and 25 of 45 swear words have predictability on the rating a customer gave. All code and files can be obtained from the link in the end.
    • In six months, I posted different type of posts on Facebook, varying from all sorts of content I can imagine of. Recorded the number of likes and categorized the content. Using linear regression and dummy coding, I confirmed that there are some factors are significantly correlated to the number of likes, such as love-related content, the number of tag, the timing it posts (10:30 PM is the best time).

Psychology Related

    • I tried to develop a theory that make two theories from different fields coherent, causal cognition in psychology and causal process theory in philosophy developed by Dowe (2000). I proposed a prerequisite that if it is satisfied, psychological causation (defined by causal cognition) will contain physical causation (defined by causal process theory). Where this condition (c) is: sufficient information and logically correct causal reasoning. In this artical, I gave specific definitions from previous literature, examples for different conditions and possibly replies to critics.
    • A series of articles aim to evoke cognitive dissonance, pointing out the irrationality of human behavior and the discrepancy between beliefs and behaviors. Included topics: Gap of wealth (people only willing to help poors when they see the needs, ignore them otherwise), Social feedback (people take as much as resources they can from the society but most of them refuse of have no ability to payback), Happiness, Games of rules, Interest, Greed, Life value, The scheme of moral.

Literature Reviews

    • Review eight controversial theories trying to explain the evolutionary meaning of female orgrasm. This cannot be simply explained by reinforcement. Also, female orgasms are significantly different and more complex than male orgrams.
    • Exclusiveness is a necessary trait for religion to grow, as meme.
    • Humor is an important trait in mate selection. As it is a traint reflect intellectual ability, therefore, its weight is different for men or women.
    • From the perspective of a little program, the game of lifes, to discuss the origin and the essence of life – existence.


  • 2014. [Humanities] Evolution, Nihilism and Tragic Pleasure
    • An explanation of the origin of Nihilism from the perspective of evolution, and link to tragic pleasure, the pleasure comes from seeing a tragedy.
  • 2010. [Information Theory] Loss of Information in Communication
    • Defined dichotomous correctness on information. Approximate the change of correctness under information transmission by statistics. Found the correctness of information will converge to 0.5 rapidly.
  • 2010. [Physics] Infinitely Elastic collision
    • Defined the state of static under Heinsberg’s uncertainty principle, under this definition, calculate the time for balls needed to stop jumping on the ground.
  • 2010. [Physics] How to Pause the Time
    • Defined time as the observation of movements. Proposed a pause of time is a state of removal of all energy.


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