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Cognitive Minimalist

In this post, I wanted to quickly introduce an idea that I haven’t seen anywhere else. It may be obvious to some people, although this is an simple idea some might still be benefited from it.

Most of the minimalists dedicate to reduce the number of objects they own, or some similar metrics such as the amount of money spent or the space of their apartment is – physical entities. However, I’m proposing idea of “cognitive minimalist” which is to reduce the amount needed for cognition. In other words, mental cost, psychological effort, or cognitive resource etc.

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Swear Words in Review: Regiospecificity and Predictability


This report is aimed to answer the following two questions. 1. Does the use of swear words have any regiospecificity that result in heterogeneous in the data? 2. Does the use of swear words in customers’ review have an impact on the ratings they gave? Can it predict the stars they gave toward a business? Mainly, analysis using ANOVA on metropolis, multiple regression on ratings are performed. Results indicate that the usage of swear words is different by region and 25 of 45 swear words have predictability on the rating a customer gave. All code and files can be obtained from the link in the end.
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